What to make of the Red State teaser

Let us start with the meat.  Here is  a lowly YouTube version.  Hit up SModcast for better viewing options.


I said this in an earlier post, but the teaser solidifies the feeling that Kevin Smith has returned indie film making.  This is a stark contrast to the polished Cop Out, in style, feeling and approach.  A minimal budget and a cast a crew coming together to make a movie as opposed to making a paycheck or an ET sound bite.

Kevin Smith is a very polarizing figure.  So many people seem to love him and so many others seem to hate him.  Last week I received a DM on Twitter from some stranger asking me why I followed @thatkevinsmith.  Earlier today I tweeted about the fact that someone found my blog by searching for “kevin smith is not funny”.  On the other hand, look at his Twitter following (1,721,683).
What I would like to put forth to both the haters and the lovers is to look at the man and not just the movie.  I can understand why people might not like Zack and Miri Make a Porno, for example.  It’s art, it’s subjective and so it is not for everyone.  But if you have lost your interest in Mel Gibson movies because of recent events with Mel Gibson the person, you need to take that holistic approach and apply it to Kevin Smith.
Forget what you think you know about Kevin Smith and just look at the past year.  Coming off of Cop Out, which I thought was a surprisingly entertaining film, Kevin seemed to be hitting the wall with Hollywood and film making.  His response was to create a podcast industry that is certainly at a level not seen before and then reinvent himself as a film maker.  Red State is a genre and style not seen from Kevin Smith before, and if you listen to the Red State of the Union podcasts and follow Kevin’s interactions on Twitter you will understand that he made Red State in a way he has not worked in the past as well.
I am not a Kevin Smith lover (in more ways than one).  This is not a Superchunk crush.  I don’t champion every Kevin Smith movie ever made.  In fact, I was pretty much ready to hang up my Kevin Smith tights, unsubscribe from the SModcast and call it a day.  What has pulled me back in is not the work, but the person.  I am facinated and inspired by Kevin Smith’s approach to and appreciation of life.  Kevin Smith responding to someone on Twitter stating how lucky he is to do what he does is just not on the same level as James Cameron saying that he is so friggin rich now he is going to build his own submarine and go live on the bottom of the ocean for ten years.  One is just so much more relatable than the other.

So to bring this back around to the Red State teaser, here is visual proof that Kevin Smith is more than just a bottomless pit of dick and fart jokes, but rather a skilled and talented artist with a lot of integrity.  If you do not like any of his other movies and you do not end up liking this one either, at least respect where it came from.

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