The New Pornographers – Super Group in so many ways

If you do not know anything about the musical group (yes, this is not about pron) The New Pornographers, then you should find out.  They are a super group of sorts, comprised of prolific and talented artists, all successful as solo artists.  Go to their website for all the details, I don’t need to hackishly summarize their history.

They put out an album early in 2010, which is great.

Recently there has been some cool news about things aside from the music that make this group super, which is using their resources to support great organizations that are making the world a better place.

A few days ago I linked to this video which is focused on the fact that there is still a lot of work to do to clean up from BP’s oily mess, and a lot of work to do to try and prevent such disasters in the future.

Another video surfaced recently at  This is in support of an anti-queer-suicide movement over at  Check out both of these sites for more details and great resources.

The song is Adventures in Solitude, which has always been one of my very favourite New Ps songs and this is a great rendition of it.

Finally, it was announced by the group via Twitter that front-man A.C. Newman wrote & performs the theme for NBC’s new comedy “Perfect Couples”.  Holy Alan Thicke, Batman!!  I have not heard the song or seen the show yet but it is on my holiday list to track it down (any links would be appreciated).


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One Response to The New Pornographers – Super Group in so many ways

  1. Paul TK says:

    Saw AC Newman in Chicago a few years back. Enjoyable show thought I didn’t know who he was until I picked up Electric Version on a whim. By far the most underrated band of our generation. By far times 20.

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