Before there was Wii, Move and Kinect there was … Captain Power

This give-away over at CrunchGear got me thinking about the coolest gamer Christmas gift from when I was a kid.  Who remembers this?

This “game” consisted of a Captain Power spaceship (with action figure) that you could technically play with like any other toy.  But the cool thing was that there were a series of video tapes that you could “play” by holding the spaceship as a gun and firing at the TV screen.  The ship would keep track of your hits and this hits you would take based upon all the flashy things on the screen.  So your VCR became a “game console”.  Futuristic!

Here is an 8-minute clip of the game.  You can pick out the flashy parts that stand out from the rest of the video.

Big points for a great and creative use of the technology available at the time, though the game play got very old very quick since you just kept playing the same tape over and over.

The funny thing about the gift aspect is that it was not even a gift for me.  My uncle bought it as a gift for himself and brought it over Christmas to show off, so I really only played it the one time.  But given that my parents were very anti-video game, just playing it the once beats out any other gamer related gift I ever received.

Here is a fun commercial for the game.

Oh yeah, and booo to CrunchGear for excluding us lowly Canadians from the give-away.


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