Random Historical Shout Out – Louis Pasteur

Ever wonder where the term pasteurization came from.  Well, it came from this guy.

He discovered the way to keep things like milk and wine from making people sick.  Great job, totally useful.  Without him I would have to stop drinking wine.

I love the following quote attributed to Louis Pasteur:

A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.

My other connection to Louis Pasteur is the following crazy book:

We had this and one other in the series (I think it had Native Americans in it) in my house for some unknown reason.  It was a crazy cartoon story of a kid getting rabies and then being cured.   I wish I could share the whole book because the image of the dog with the foaming mouth is forever burned into my mind.  It was like Stephen King teaching history to children.  But for all of its strangeness, it is something that stuck with me, so hey, good job for teaching me something (better job than the other book, anyway).

So Louis Pasteur, if you were around today I would take you out and buy you a glass of Henry of Pelham Baco Noir.  Thanks for being awesome and making the world a better place.  And way to go saving the wine!!


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4 Responses to Random Historical Shout Out – Louis Pasteur

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  3. doodlemax says:

    Holy crap, I had a that same book growing up! The rabies monsters fighting the vaccination soldiers with glow in the dark eyes, (because there is no light inside the boy’s body, obviously). Madness.

    We had one on Abe Lincoln too that involved him fist fighting river pirates on the Mississippi. Pretty rad overall. Wonder if Amazon has them.

    • Too funny

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