Superchunk Live in Toronto

I went to a Superchunk show this week. It still seems weird and exciting to me. I think I just assumed that I was at the point in my life that I didn’t go to shows any more. Anyway, enough about me. First, the facts (and then more about me later):

  • Superchunk played at the Sound Academy in Toronto
  • It was December 9, 2010
  • They were opening for Broken Social Scene
  • Doors opened at 8pm, Superchunk went on at 9pm and played until 10pm
  • The two photos below from the show were taken with my iPhone and then run through Instagram to try to hide the shoddiness

I took time off of work to drive from London to Toronto, drop in on family, meet up with my friend and then head downtown for the show.

First thing I did upon entering the Sound Academy (which is a really great venue) was to head to the merch table. There was a lot of BSS stuff but I only a small grouping of Superchunk CDs. “No Superchunk Ts?” I asked hopefully. Nope, they were held up at the border by customs. Frustrating, but I’m sure it was for the safety of the country.

I did pick up the remastered copies of No Pocky for Kitty and On the Mouth, and a few free stickers, so that made me happy.

My buddy and I kept commenting on how odd the crowd was. The age was skewed more towards the older demographic, but there were a lot of twenty-somethings there. There were groups of guys in suits (no ties) looking like they belonged at the Leaf game (they lost 4-1 to Philly) instead of this show. There was a forty something looking couple who I think got lost on their way out for dinner.  Considering I have not been to a concert in Toronto in probably 12 years, I really have no foundation for my opinions.

Superchunk opened with Throwing Things and you could feel their energy right from the start. My cough and cold kept me subdued and chillin’ at the back of the crowd, but part of my brain was yelling at me to push my way up to the front and rock out. Mac commented at one point on the relative calmness of the crowd – “for all of you who are sleeping there is a group right here dancing away” (paraphrased, I don’t remember the exact words). Said group cheered and danced more.

As they started the second song (Crossed Wires) one couple in front of me started boogying away and another couple gave each other a big kiss. Superchunk is the music of love.

It was a great show. They played a mix of songs from all eras (set list here). It seemed as though Superchunk’s energy level went up a notch on the new songs. I image the news ones are more exciting to play at this point. When they played The First Part I pretended to myself that it was for me (I had made a request to @superchunkband on Twitter). They closed with Everything At Once, which was a surprise to me (I expected a classic closer like Precision Auto) and which I totally loved. I definitely gained a new appreciate for Everything At Once seeing it live.

Despite Mac’s shot at the crowd for being so subdued, I definitely saw the crowd getting into it as their set went on. There were a lot more people rockin’ out by the end of the show then at the start. It was wonderful to witness the power of the ‘Chunk as they won the crowd over.

As the crowd began to re-mingle while Superchunk left the stage a guy in front of me turn to his companion and stated “that was the best live opening band I’ve ever seen”. It made me happy and sad at the same time, because yes, they are the best, but boo-urns on them just being an opener. I wanted to yell for an encore (probably good it didn’t happen as I now have strep throat and that would have made it worse I’m sure).

I remember that as they took the stage I said to myself “try to be open-minded and objective so I can write a proper review”. Three chords in I threw that out the window. Superchunk are a great band and they put on a great live show. I really enjoyed it and everyone there seemed to as well. What more do you need?


Here is an excerpt from a review at Eye Weekly (this is the only part mentioning Superchunk):

Though history will remember them more for founding powerhouse indie label Merge Records than their brightly melodic tunes, Superchunk’s opening set proved they still drop a sweet groove, even after nine years between LPs. The bouncy combo of comeback single “Crossed Wires” and “My Gap Feels Weird” (off this year’s reunion album Majesty Shredding) was the first indication that the ’90s indie-punks’ youthful verve is very much intact. The second was singer Mac McCaughan scissor-kicking like a spry 19-year-old during “Digging For Something.” When a tiny mosh pit broke out during “Slack Motherfucker,” you couldn’t help but think that this 45-minute set had accomplished its implicit goal.

Some links to pictures (click picture for full set):


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2 Responses to Superchunk Live in Toronto

  1. Toby says:

    Hahahaha I was one of the people Mac shouted out too for dancing..
    Me and my friends from stratford were having a great time front and centre, rocking out and getting into it.
    All the dirty hipster losers around us kept glaring and staring at us… one of them even shoved my friend for bumping into him a little.
    Because no one else was getting into it, it made it more special for me and my pals, who were.

    • That is too funny. I’m glad you came across this. I would have loved to have been up there with you. Found out today I have strep throat, so what can you do.

      We you the one giving the devil horns?

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