Red State – Can Kevin Smith Redefine Indie Filmmaking Again?

This post over at Live for Films with a great pic of John Goodman got me going on Kevin Smith again, but let’s start with a pic.


This is not John Goodman, so click to see John Goodman


I am loving the Red State of the Union podcasts with Kevin Smith (part of the SModcast network).  It is much more than just a way to promote his latest film.  It is a film making clinic in which he brings in different people who have worked on this film and talks about the film making process.  The passion expressed by his coworkers bolsters my excitement for this movie.

Despite his pedigree (whether you like him or not, he knows how to make a movie that makes money) Kevin Smith has gone back to his roots with Red State, making a (relatively) low budget movie on his own terms.  It is inspiring to hear him talk so passionately about the process, his new approach to directing (he’s not a writer-director, he’s a writer-editor who also directs) and his new and evolving approach to marketing (I’m excited to see where that teaser lands).

With Clerks Kevin Smith inspired a new generation of independent film making and he seems poised to do that again.  The industry has changed drastically.  Independent film making is a much bigger challenge these days, but on the other hand the Internet has created a whole new medium whose effect has really yet to be realized (hello there Dr. Horrible).

When you see a film maker go from making a movie with his friends in a convenience store to working with the likes of Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, George Carlin, Will Ferrell and even Old Man Willis you kind of expect the new phase of his career to be coasting through the mainstream.  Instead Kevin Smith is giving the finger to Hollywood and following his heart.  How many times have you thought “That person has it made, why would they do that?” (I’m looking at you, Pacino).  Well here is the person we should all look up to.  He worked hard and climbed up the ladder, then got to the next level, looked around and said “no thanks, I’m just going to wander over here and do my own thing”.

I am inspired.

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