Kevin Smith’s “Red State” Poster is very Non-Kevin Smith … in a good way (Updated)

Updated on November 2, 2010, see bottom for details.

I have not been this excited for a Kevin Smith movie since Chasing Amy.  I think it is great that Kevin Smith is stretching out into new genres.  As much as I’m a big fan, the dick-and-fart jokes has been played out.  I know it is very much a part of Kevin’s soul, but it does not need to be played out endlessly on the screen.  Especially now that the SModcast network exists as a much better outlet for that type of expression.

Here is the poster, and he tweeted earlier today that the trailer is in process.

No goofballs or pop culture references? I’m there!

Kevin has a unique voice and a do it yourself attitude that I totally respect and I think that getting away from the View Askewniverse is a great way to re-spark his passion for film.  Zack and Miri Make a Porno was fun, but felt like it was the same set of jokes just put in the hands of a new set of actors.  I really enjoyed Cop Out’s ode to 80’s cop movies and I think directing someone else’s script was a great way to cleanse the palate.  His focus on Red State and Hit Somebody re-sparks my interest in seeing what sort of stories Kevin is now interested in telling.

Also, maybe this movie will help end Hollywood’s obsession with M. Night Shyamalan’s river of creepy crap by doing it right.   Now will someone please let Cabin in the Woods out of the basement?


Best Poster Ever


Updated November 2, 2010

I figured that I should update this post with some more accurate information. Here is the unfortunate series of events from yesterday that lead to a post with inaccurate musings:

  • Morning – Listen to first half of new SModcast 143: Morrow’s Sorrow
  • Afternoon – Read some tweets from @ThatKevinSmith related to Red State.  Part of the conversation revolved around his dislike of “critics” who are really just haters and the grassroots approach to promotion Kevin is taking with Red State.
    • Note: read yesterday’s tweets and you will see why I want to make sure this is as accurate as possible
  • Evening – Listen to the rest of SModcast 143 in which Kevin and Scott discuss Red State.

Most importantly, Kevin discusses being a director, completely debunking my meaningful musings of a few hours previous.  Great timing, me!  To summarized what Kevin says:

  • Cop Out was a pain in ass and not really fun
  • Red State has been much more enjoyable but more of a victory lap than a new beginning
  • Hit Somebody may be the last movie … at least for a good stretch.  Kevin likes doing the SModcast thing better as it is way more enjoyable to him and way less work.

So there you go.  I may not always know what I’m talking about, but I’m still a big fan and am excited about the future of Kevin’s storytelling.

I definitely recommend that you listen to the SModcast if you have not already.  The episode ends with a great story about Ben Affleck and Chasing Amy, but more than just the story pay attention to Kevin Smith’s storytelling craft.  He effortlessly jumps into the story picking up on a random thread from a conversation he and Scott are having.  The closing of the story, which also closes the show, is the perfect button and you can tell that it is in his head from the start, but without breaking a verbal sweat he weaves a tale and pulls you in.  He does not rush to the punchline just because he already knows it is there waiting for him, but rather takes his time and tells a great story.  They way in which the story unfolds and wraps up is at the quality of something scripted, and sure, he has told the story before, but to be able to tell the story so well at the drop of a dime is a true talent that cannot be denied.


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