Dollhouse 1×10: “Haunted”

Dollhouse brings the funny in this episode that is a combination of Death at a Funeral (the good one) and Murder She Wrote.  Echo is imprinted with a recently deceased friend of DeWitt who attends her own funeral and tries to solve her own murder.  The story line itself is interesting, though by no means mind blowing, but the idea of attending your own funeral and mourning is nicely played out.  We also see a very new and creative use of the Dollhouse technology.

My favourite quote comes from the drunk brother of the deceased speaking with her two children (his niece and nephew):

Yes, Margaret could be awful, but so can I.  And from what I can gauge, the two of you are hideous.

A side plot shows Topher turning Sierra into a like-minded geek to pal around with.  I will admit that I was fooled, thinking that my comments previous posts regarding the abuse of power were just being retreaded.  We do see a different take on the premise, however, as Topher’s needs are much more innocent than seen so far.

As per usual, Ballard continues to be the strongest story line.  He struggles with the task of leading on Mellie so as to not alert the Dollhouse to his knowledge of November.  He does not want to feel like he is taking advantage of the real November but needs to maintain the relationship.  Finally Mellie pushes the right buttons and Ballard succumbs to his more primal desires.  Ballard seems like he is really going to crack under the pressure of the chase, but does make up some ground on his investigation.

In this episode we see many different ways in which the Dollhouse appeals to people and how its power draws them in.  Two episodes left in season 1, so I’m really psyched to see how the season plays out.


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