Dollhouse 1×08: “Needs”

The dolls are escaping!!  I was happy to see the conceit that the escape was being encouraged and allowed because, really, that drama could not have been strung out with so many holes to poke in it.  That being said, it was still too easy for the dolls to get out given that only a precious few employees were in the know.


I am going to shoot stuff up aggressively


This episode was a great way to address the issue of not being able to get to know the dolls very effectively given that they are always either imprints or blank slates.  I quite like the revelations about each character as well as the interactions between them as they tried to address their needs.  Love transcends all, right!

The ending, while visually and emotionally a great scene, seemed a little too farfetched.  It feels unlikely that they would let all those people wander out into public, even if they are rounding them up immediately.  That said, we have not actually seen the dollhouse from the outside, so maybe it is more legit than I think.


Mom, I found them on the street. Can I keep them?


All in all, a pretty fun episode that does a great job of creating stronger emotional connections to the main characters.


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