Thanks Turkey

Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is upon us (have you ever seen a snow turkey?) and it has got me thinking about the true meaning of our holidays.  The tradition that has helped build our culture and holds such importance that we honour it each year.

Thanksgiving.  I think we can all agree that the history and tradition stems from that term.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanks for giving us your land, indigenous people, and even though there is enough for everyone we are going to take it all anyway. In order to celebrate this every year we will have a meal in which we eat way more than any single person needs while others go with nothing.

Okay, I guess I see why holidays in our cultures have morphed in such a way to allow us celebrate these days instead of mourn them.  Now a days on Thanksgiving we just focus on the Thanks part.  There is always something to be thankful for.  Thanks for all this food and shelter.  Oh, you don’t have that?  Well thanks for friends and family.  No?  Thanks for letting me still be alive.  And football (in Canada we call it Hockey).

See, there is no excuse for not celebrating Thanksgiving.  Even if you do it in November instead of October (weird!).

We do this with all the holidays, mind you.  I’m not just picking on Thanksgiving.


I need a lot of booze, toys and other materials goods if I'm going to stay Merry this year.




hALLoween - I need ALL the candy and ALL the pumpkins in the whole world. Right now!




Actually, I think we have kept the purity of this holiday. Drunk 'n Irish, am I right!




Vale is the Spanish spelling of Veil. A thinly veiled attempt to get some. Plus, a heart looks less like a heart and more like another important body part.




For the life of my I have no idea where this could have come from.


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