Social Media Part 5.1: Twiends Follow Up

As I indicated in my post from last week about Twiends I am looking at the results of a small burst of Twiends activity after one week.

Last week (September 30, 2010):

I gathered 30 points by sending a Twiends promotion tweet and following 5 Twiends users.

From those points I received 13 new Twitter followers, putting my Follower total to 106.

I looked at each individual profile of the 13 new follows and determined that one of them looked intriguing enough to follow back.

One Week Later (October 7, 2010):

Of the 5 users I chose to follow, 1 has followed me back.  That one is a marketing company, so I assume they are not interested in me as a person.

Of the 13 users who followed me 6 of them are still following me after a week.  One of those users is the user I followed back (I do not know if that is significant or not).  My Followers total is at 98 (the 7 Twiends and 1 other).

My conclusion is not quite what I expected, which is probably evident from the negative tone of my original post.  I would say that so far this looks to be moderately successful.  You can’t expect 100% success from all involved, so to have half the people still hanging in there, and to have found a few people to follow who have interesting quotes, well, that’s not too shabby.  Plus, I cannot just assume that anyone who chooses not to follow me is a failure on Twiends’ part.  Perhaps they just don’t like what I’m offering.

I will continue to work with Twiends and see what sort of improvements are to come.

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2 Responses to Social Media Part 5.1: Twiends Follow Up

  1. Final update on this experiment. As of October 18 there are still 5 of the original 13 following me.

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