Social Media Part 8: Twitter

I have already touched on Twitter in past articles, but there is one particular aspect of Twitter that has become the Holy Grail: the celebrity tweet.

It is a pretty obvious concept that something tweet by a popular twitter user is going to be seen by a lot of people and therefore have some sort of impact. I never really thought much about it in the past as I do not really care who else is listening when @PFTompkins tweets something funny or @superchunkradio posts a link to a cool new live video. It is of interest to me and so I continue to follow these people.

Now that the tables are turned and I am using Twitter as forum for me to write and not just read, the Followers count all of a sudden becomes a significant number. For context, here are some of the tweeters on my radar, along with their current number of followers:

@DaveChen – 323

@superchunkband – 3,056

@NeverNotFunny – 6,431

@tedleo – 13,916

@JamieCrager – 62,110

@PFTompkins – 81,472

@NathanFillion – 642,076

@ThatKevinSmith – 1,704,085

@OneGoodMinute – 101

So I guess it is not surprising that the best day my blog has seen (173 visits) came as the result of someone else’s tweet. I wrote an article defining an imaginary Superchunk singles collection and as per usual posted it to the Superchunk forum. I assume this is how it came to the attention of the band because @superchunkband tweeted a link to it and sent my view stats soaring.

Inevitably, after the high comes the crash. The feeling of wanting more celebrity mentions comes on strong and it takes a lot of willpower to restrain yourself from harassing those that you follow and respect. I have tweeted articles at those that I follow from time to time in cases where I think they might actually be interested, and in the spirit of random Twitter silliness, but I understand that they do not want to know about every little mention in every little article. I’m sure it will happen again, in time. Another celebrity mention raising my profile a little. And because I will not have achieved it through trickery or annoyance it will be that much sweeter.

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3 Responses to Social Media Part 8: Twitter

  1. davechen says:

    Hey, that’s me! Honestly though of my 323 followers I’d guess that maybe a third of them actually read my tweets. I have a lot of marketing followers that just try to get me to follow them back. Generally I’ll only follow someone back if it’s a real person that I have something in common with.

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