Social Media: Part 7 – Forums

My participation in forums has always been inconsistent. I tend to read a lot more than I write, but then I will go through little bursts of increased participation. Ultimately my activity has never been to the level of being recognized as a regular or “one of the gang”, but I do enjoy being a part of these forum communities that are focused on similar interests.

My first kick at this can was an overt attempt to attract attention. The comment sections at Videogum are a fun place to hang out, so I wrote a series of poems about Videogum and posted a link in the comments. This currently sits as the #11 viewed page of all time.

Moving to be more consistent with my organic approach to blog promotion (what does that even mean?) I began to only post links to my blog on relevant forums and blogs that I read and participate in. No more pandering or butt-kissing. No seeking out seemingly related blogs just to post links to my blog and then never go back. No human spam! Write the post first, for the sake of writing the post, then figure out where it would make sense to promote it.

Overall, this has been the most successful method of generating traffic. The relevance of the information is key and in many cases a visit to the link I post results in some additional poking around on my site. The links also stick around for a longer time as interested parties visit the forum on more than just the day of posting looking for new content and find my posts.

The most frequented forum has been the Superchunk forum at Merge Records, primarily because I have written a lot of articles about Superchunk recently in celebration of their new album Majesty Shredding (ack, I’m still doing it). Videogum has been another great spot, given the popularity of the site and the crazy content that meshes well with what I’m doing. There are a number of smaller blogs that I follow where I have also posted links.

In order to assuage any possible guilty feelings of using someone else’s bigger, louder soapbox to try and spread my message I always make sure to help to promote the sites I am using. This may be through linking to their site or re-tweeting their messages. I want to make it as mutually beneficial as possible.

A side effect has been that my participation in these forums in general has increased. I post general comments as often, if not more so, as I post links to my own site. Participation is important and I hope that I will eventually inspire people to participate more often in my forum. Do it now! Write something in the comments!

I plan to wrap up this series at 10 parts, which will conclude Episode 1 of my battle for Social Media supremacy. I haven’t really thought about what I have planned for Episode 2, so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments on how to make One Good Minute bigger, stronger and smelling great!

Still to come:

Part 8 – Twitter

Part 9 – Google AdWords

Part 10 – Conclusion, Wrap Up and Revisits


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