Dollhouse 1×07 – “Echos”

Okay, lets just get this out of the way.

I don't know what this outfit is, but I like it.

Very cool episode.  The outbreak leading to all of the actives being let loose on campus leads to much hilarity.  It is reminiscent of Band Candy, a great Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode.  In this case the “unleashing of the brain” leads the actives to unlock deep fears and the normals to reveal little insights into their personalities.  The leads to some great back story on Echo / Caroline and a lot of silliness, the best of which comes from DeWitt and Topher hanging out (look for his big reveal).

It is not quite clear why Echo got involved in the first place as her memory flashes are not drug induced, but I’m assuming it is related to whatever Alpha seems to be doing to mess with her.

Also in this jammed packed episode is insight into the Rossum corporation, who owns and runs the Dollhouse.  I quite like the book-ending scenes of DeWitt signing new actives up for the program.

This episode is a great example of the high quality of writing and storytelling going on with the show.  You almost don’t even realize how much of the mystery is being unraveled because it is just such an entertaining 40+ minutes.


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