Zack Snyder’s Superman? Best Idea Yet!

SuperHeroHype has posted a story stating that Zack Snyder will be directing the next Superman reboot.

When the rumours were flying around about Kevin Smith’s Superman, I was excited at the prospect of what he would do with it but in no way thought it would be an amazing super hero movie. Which is I guess why it didn’t happen (Smith tells a very funny story about it on one of the Evening With DVDs).

Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns sounded like such a great approach. A sequel to the Richard Donner movies (Superman and Superman II) with Kevin Spacey as Lex! Awesome. Alas, it was a big budget snorefest. Too much homage, not enough original thought. Other than the airplane scene in Superman Returns, which was completely awesome, I think I prefer the sequel with Richard Pryor.

This scene is awesome! Sorry about the rest.

I see the challenge involved in this project. Superman is such an icon, but also perceived as such a wholesome, old fashioned character. Thanks to Batman Begins / The Dark Knight we now know how gritty and awesome a superhero movie can be, but that approach wont work for Superman. This needs to be more along the lines of Spider-man; bring the core elements of the character into current day. Wholesome, innocent and gullible means something different in 2010 than it did in 1978.


So why is Zack Snyder a good choice? Snyder brings all of the necessary elements to the project. He works well in the fantasy / comic book realm. He is great with special effects and the differences between the over the top approach to 300 and the more subdued, but still very stylistic, effects in Watchmen shows an understand of how to use them appropriately. In the Watchmen he also showed his ability to balance the super with the non-super. Watchmen is darker than I think we want to see Superman, but we know he can bring us there effectively.

Don't worry, guys, it will look cool

The villain announcement of Zod is also an exciting move, once again taking cues from Batman Begins which used a widely unknown villain to introduce us to the new Batverse. As iconic as Lex Luthor is, a new take on this story needs a new big bad. To really explore and get behind Superman’s power you need to pit him against someone of equal or greater power and Lex just does not cut it.

This was great, but lose the Xanadu outfit

Obviously there still needs to be a dynamite script. I have not read any Superman comics from the past 15 years so I do not know what storylines there are to mine, but I’m sure there is enough solid material to build upon. Look yet again at the successful superhero movies: Batman, Spider-man, X-Men and Iron Man all had great scripts (up to the point of the disappointing part threes). Punisher (all three!), Catwoman and Wolverine did not have great scripts, to name a few.

I fully support a Zack Snyder Superman. The Superman movies were my absolute favourites when I was a kid and I love it when they come up with a new Superman story that brings me back to the days of running around my house with my Superman sweatshirt and homemade cape. This movie story has just gone from “ho-hum, whatever” to something with potential that I will watch a lot more closely.

Make it work


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