Social Media: Part 6 – Technorati

I have looked at a number of blog directories, most of which appear to be akin to writing your message on a penny, throwing it into a wishing well and then waiting for someone to find it and respond.  In other words, they do not inspire a lot of hope that they are going to do anything to help get your blog out there.

Despite my lack of optimism I am determined to try some of them out and see what happens, but rather than blindly submit to every one I find I am being selective and methodical so that I can determine how successful I am being with each one.  The first I have submitted to is Technorati.

This one caught my eye due to its “Authority” ranking system which is designed to “measures a site’s standing & influence in the blogosphere”.  It measures based on a number of factors which are meant to determine how popular your blog is and the quality and relevance of the content.  For more details, view their FAQ.

It is a very interesting concept that I support, despite my poor Authority score of 131 out of a possible 1000.  I do not intend to try to address my score directly but I am very curious to watch if my score fluctuates based upon things I am doing with my blog.  I know that at one point my score was 128 and it currently indicates that I have dropped a point from 132.

So far it does not appear that listing with Technorati has helped my blog.  I have not noticed any visits coming in from their site.  I expect that it is a bit of a chicken and egg situation in that as I raise my blog’s profile its Authority score will increase, which may result in increased traffic from Technorati.  I will continue to monitor this and report on any significant changes.

I you have any blog directories that you recommend and have had success with, please pass on some referrals in the comments section.


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One Response to Social Media: Part 6 – Technorati

  1. I just had to leave an update comment. Today for the first time I have seen a referral come in from Technorati. It came from my profile page, so I’m guessing someone clicked from here to there and then back to here, which really means nothing at all, but still makes me laugh.

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