Social Media: Part 5 – Twiends

Twitter + Friends = Twiends

Twiends is a service indented to help you make Twitter connections and build your Twitter base. The system is based upon a points system in which you give out points to people for following you and you gain points for following others. This does not sound too much different than the basic Twitter process of following and being followed, so what does Twiends bring to the table?

I guess we can start with the fact that this service was started before Twitter rolled out its recommendation feature, so its offering was more unique at one time. You set up a profile on Twiends, indicate your interests and then find other Twiend users with similar interests. While this sounds good in theory, the unfortunate reality is that Twiends seems to be primarily populated by three types of users:

  • Musicians or actors trying to “make it”
  • Businesses promoting themselves
  • People whose job it is to generate traffic and do it in a spam-like manner

Given that none of these interests match mine, Twiends is not very useful to me. Most users appear to just want to gain their own users and are not really looking to follow anyone in particular. So when your account has points to offer they get used up quickly as others try to gain points, which in turn gains them users. It is obvious that all of these new followers that I gain do not stick with me as my number of follows has basically not changed from the time I started trying Twiends (and this blog has not seen any increase in traffic through Twitter).

With friends like these...

I did attempt to use Twiends in a way that supported my desire to build up quality, interested followers and not just increase my numbers. I looked to follow individuals that seemed to have similar sensibilities (which in fairness is difficult to determine from the brief profile) with the hope that they may see the connection and follow me back. I believe that I have kept following only one or two users who tend to post interesting articles about social networking, but everything else has been a bust.

I must give Dave at Twiends credit for trying to address these issues. Over the past two weeks a few changes have been made to discourage the “follow everyone for the points and then unfollow immediately” approach by imposing stricter guidelines and penalties. I do believe that he would like the Twiends service to be more of an actual meeting place for like-minding people to connect but the vultures have swooped in and are taking over.  Keep up the good fight!

What would I change? I would start with the profiles. Twitter does not provide you with much of a way to present your intentions, so this is a gap that Twiends could fill. If the Twiends profile was more in-depth and in turn provided better search and filter options, it would be easier to find quality connections.

Second, there needs to be a way to find specific people on Twiends. When I get a slew of new follows through Twiends I get the usual emails from Twitter about each new follower. Given that I know these are Twiends hookups, I would like to go back to Twiends to find the new followers that interest me and follow them through Twiends, thus allowing me to continue to take part in the Twiends ecosystem. It feels like my investment in using Twiends only reaps half of the possible return.

I will continue to use Twiends by logging on every couple of weeks and looking through the users presented.  I want to see how the site evolves and see if it becomes something more of value to me.  Today I tweeted my weekly promotion that garners me 25 points and gained some more by following half a dozen users. My inbox now tells me I have 13 new follows and now my Twiends account is down to 0 points. My Twitter following is up to 106. I will follow up in a week and see where things have landed on this recent round.

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6 Responses to Social Media: Part 5 – Twiends

  1. Dave says:

    Hi, thanks for the post about twiends. I’d encourage you to stick around with twiends for the next few months. We have a whole bunch of new features that we’ll be rolling out that puts a lot more control into each members hands over who they follow and who they want to follow them back. You’ll be able to filter on country, track record, those that have followed you, gender, age, etc. We’ll be rolling these out one by one over the next few weeks and months.

    I can say that there are a lot of “normal” people on twiends that do want to use the site in the spirit that it was built. My commitment lies squarely with these users, and the features coming out over the next few weeks should give them the tools they need to be successful with twiends..


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  3. vicky says:

    is there any way to get targeted twitter followers to follow you on twitter?

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