Review: Superchunk – Majesty Shredding

When I first received Majesty Shredding at the beginning of this week I figured that by the time I sat down to write this review there would be a lot of “this song sounds like Indoor Living and that song sounds like Come Pick Me Up“.  I then settled into the first listen of the full album and I live tweeted my initial thoughts on each song (see here).  No such comparisons came out of that first listen and after a week “living” with the album that is still not what I want to talk about.

Much noise has been made about the 9-year hiatus, which is somewhat of a non-story given that those 9 years were filled with a few shows each year and 7 releases with the Superchunk name on them.  Also keep in mind that Portastatic has released 3 stellar albums (Summer of the Shark, Bright Ideas, Be Still Please) and numerous other collections and singles.  Jon has been touring and recording with the likes of The Mountain Goats, Bob Mould, and A.C. Newman.  Laura and Mac are ensconced in the world of music running Merge records, helping create super stars out of bands like Spoon and The Arcade Fire.  So yeah, do not be fooled by the absence of a Long Play and major tour in the last 9 years.

It is this constant activity that has resulted in the fact that Majesty Shredding that does not have nor need comparison.  This is not a reunion album.  This is not a throwback to the 90’s, or the aught’s for that matter.  This is not a swan’s song.  This is just another great Superchunk album.

My Gap Feels Weird is offbeat and fresh.  Fractures in Plaster is a “slow jam” that capture nostalgia musically in such an effective way the lyrics themselves have not even registered with me yet.  Digging for Something is such a great rock tune and I have played it so much that I’m now catching my 4-year-old singing it around the house.  Everything at Once feels epic and expansive and is a great album closer.

What has made each Superchunk album great is the creativity and originality of each and every song and this is as prevalent with Majesty Shredding as with any other album.  There is a sense of looking back lyrically, exploring the difference between now and then, but musically this album is in the here and now, exploring new ideas and expressing a love for music that has not taken a break.  Majesty Shredding is not what I expected, but it is everything I hoped for.


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