I cannot get my hands on an iPhone 4, but I’m starting to think I might not want one

I currently have an iPhone 3G, which I have had for almost 2 years and have enjoyed way more than I thought I would. Between bathroom breaks and driving in the car the device only spends about 1% of the time as an actual phone. Unfortunately it has taken much abuse and the screen is degrading, so it is in need of an upgrade. Of course I am looking to the iPhone 4 since it will be an improvement on the experience that I already love and supports the investment I have made in iPhone related accessories. This is proving to be more difficult than I thought. It has been available in Canada for months now but apparently still is a hot ticket and in short supply.

As new iOS versions continue to be released, the continuously erratic behavior of my 3G is starting to chip away at my iPhone 4 resolve. I may have dropped it a few times, but it’s not as bad as this:

Obviously Apple is going to be focused on the iPhone 4 and the iPad since that is the current and future of profitability, but I’m concerned about Apple’s support for those of us that are not quite ready to make the jump. Each iOS release just seems to introduce a whole new slew of problems for me that make me wonder, is Apple just not too concerned with backwards compatibility testing or are they hoping to force me into an early upgrade by annoying the heck out of me?

First it was the introduction of performance problems, causing slowness and in many app crashes to the point of making previously working apps unusable. On top of that, a nice set of enhancements to the operating system, but alas, most of them not available to me.

Finally the performance was addressed, and now my iPod app is wonky. Sometimes I see the wrong album cover for the song that is playing. Sometimes there are no progress indicators while the song is playing. Sometimes the song stops and I have to press play again. Sometimes I play a newly loaded podcast and it starts 12 minutes in.  In short, it is not behaving in a gentlemanly way.

Just to provide a little context, I am not just a disgruntled phone user. I work in software development and I understand the necessity and pain involved with backwards compatibility. I also understand the negative impact of making your clients feel like you just don’t really care, which is how I’m feeling right now. So maybe I take a Blackberry or Android phone for a little spin around the block. They’re pretty too. Perhaps in their quest to take down the Apple juggernaut they are giving more thought to their entire customer base and not just the cool ones with the money for infinite upgrades.


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