Majesty Shredding Twittereview (Superchunk)

I’m a little late to the party (thanks Canada Post!!) but I finally got my copy of Superchunk’s Majesty Shredding.  Here is a picture of what I received, with all of the great bonus swag.

This is why Merge Records rules!!

For those that missed it (everyone but my3 loyal followers) I live tweeted a song by song review.  Here it is, reorganized for an easier read.  Once the album has had a chance to settle into me I’ll provide a full review.

Majesty Shredding finally arrived!! Just kicked the family out of the house and set the speakers to “blast”!! #MajestyShredding

Digging For Something – must have been good luck that this was on as I pulled up to the mailbox #MajestyShredding

My Gap Feels Weird kept making me fall over as I tried to keep up with it – must get helmet for next listen #MajestyShredding

Rosemarie is the next song I will harass my kids with on the way to daycare “Listen up girls ’cause this is how it’s done” #MajestyShredding

Crossed Wires is doing its job – making me bob my head raucously #MajestyShredding

Slow Drip is pretty rockin’ for a group of people who were already pretty rockin’ #MajestyShredding

Fractures in Plaster I didn’t know guitars had a “comforting nostalgia” setting. Feels like sitting on a blanket by a fire #MajestyShredding

New mix of Learned to Surf is rockin’ – love the guitar solo!! #MajestyShredding

Winter Games – is it legal for a song to have this many hooks? #MajestyShredding @superchunkband

When Rope Light started I thought my CD player had switched over to the new Twisted Sister album #MajestyShredding

Hot Tubes – how many different ways can you say “oh yeah” – I count one more, and it’s great! #MajestyShredding

Drums rolls in Everything at Once are like a hug that pounds you in the chest….with love #MajestyShredding @jonwurster

As the album ends I break into tears at the realization that I will not see @superchunkband on this tour #MajestyShredding

And then the album starts up again and I’m singing and dancing again #MajestyShredding


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