Dear Friends and Family, I am not crazy and Superchunk is real

For most of my life I have been somewhat plagued by my love of “weird music” (their words, not mine).  Even as recent as this past weekend:

  • Guy: “Who put those stickers on your iPhone?”
  • Me: “It is a custom cover I made of a collage of albums by a band I like.” I feel like I am always awkwardly tiptoeing around the name Superchunk.
  • Guy: “What band?”
  • Me: “Superchunk”
  • Guy: “Hmm.” Eyes wander off in another direction as he now fears eye contact with me.

I just don’t live in a world where people know what I mean by Superchunk, Decemberists or New Pornographers (thank goodness for the Internet…you know who you are).  As demonstrated in the above scene it is pretty much a conversation killer at a party.  I have been shamed into silence and headphones.

Well today I would just like to strike a blow for the cause of legitimate music tastes.  Superchunk are real and Jimmy Fallon has taken it upon himself to help me prove it.

Look at that.  On network television.  No CGI.  Jimmy Fallon was on SNL and in movies, so you know he’s real.  Real people are cheering.  Watch it again if you are not sure.  Then buy the album as your penalty / reward.

Okay, I will put my headphone back on.


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4 Responses to Dear Friends and Family, I am not crazy and Superchunk is real

  1. Scott says:

    I too have this problem with Superchunk. My best friends do not know how much I like Superchunk. I’ve told people my favorite CD of all time is “No Pocky for Kitty”. Not favorite album by Superchunk, this is my favorite album of all time. Just blank stares. I should just lie and say Beatles – White Album and it wouldn’t be so awkward. That’s an acceptable Favorite Album of all time, No Pocky is not.

    I make the drive to Chapel Hill to see them whenever they play and I can’t tell anyone where I’m going. Why would you drive 3 hours to see some band nobody’s ever heard of, drive 3 hours back, and get home at 3:00am on a work night? When I do tell someone why I am so tired because I drove to Chapel Hill to see a band last night and they ask who – Superchunk. Their head nods a bit, an “ahh” sound is made and then I stammer… It’s a band… I, uh … college, I used to … like 12 times I’ve seen them… and they don’t play ever, so I , uh have to drive…

    I did this for the 5th time last Thursday, this time I had to be home not because I am too cheap to get a hotel room or not enough vacation days, I had to be home to make sure my kids were up and get them to daycare. I am much too old to be doing this, but I love it and I’ve been doing it this long, might as well keep going. Luckily my wife is understanding of my need/addiction to see Superchunk and just said, “Drive safe. You better be home to take them, you know.”

    I found this blog a few days ago… googling Superchunk news. It is nice to know I am not alone!

    • Thanks, Scott, this post just made my day. It is always nice to connect with another rabid fan, but it is also a treat to hear a tale of someone finding, reading and enjoying my blog. Hope you come back.

  2. BC says:

    I knew they were real, I just thought you’d get over them by now!!

    BTW any basketball pools I can get into, nobody here follows the NBA. (I think its a demographic issue)


    • There are only two things I will never get over. Superchunk and your ugly but effective 3-point shot.

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