Dollhouse 1×06 – “Man on the Street”

Another episode with a lot of ups and downs, pros and cons.  Ballard busts in on Echo’s assignment and ends up conversing with the client very frankly about the Dollhouse.  Nice way to turn Ballard’s beliefs into reality without giving him any proof so that he has the support of the FBI.

Guest starring the lovely Patton Oswalt

I found the “man on the street” interviews pretty lame and annoying.  I think it would have worked better with them bookending the episode rather than belaboring the point all the way through.

The Sierra storyline was creepy, but I guess it illustrated the organizations dedication to not abusing their power over the actives.  I didn’t really dig it, though.  But as always, Boyd kicks ass.

Am I Tough Enough?

The best moment of all is the reveal of the sleeper active.  There are so many dolls whirling around Ballard. I love how powerful and driven he is and yet how much he is a pawn in everyone else’s game.

We are mid-season and this show is really picking up.  As I expected, the engagements are not the best part of the show but they are also not the drive of the show, but rather the framing around the real story.


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