Social Media: Part 2 – The Content

I’m not sure I have too much to say about the content of my blog, as it sort of speaks for itself, but I figured I should cover my list of goals in its entirety.  The one thing I learned from my “failed” blogs is that if I’m not excited about what I am trying to write about I’m not going to bother.  So as much as a common recommendation for creating a successful blog is to find a niche or address a specific topic of interest, I had to go broad.

My topics:

  • Music – album reviews for bands I like, odd and interesting interview snippets, in-depth pieces (bordering on obsessive) for bands I really like
  • Movies – I’m not so much into the movie reviews but I love the anticipation of movies that I’m looking forward to.  My current obsession (wow, I’m already using that word so much it’s concerning) is the Avengers in 2012
  • Comic Books – Mostly where they  cross over into other domains
  • Television – Trying to go through Dollhouse and episode at a time, but can’t find the time to watch it
  • Books – See Television with regards to time
  • Podcasts – A primary source of entertainment and humour
  • Pictures – Fun and interesting things I capture with my iPhone camera – that’s life, baby!
  • Writing – I’m working on a novel, I think

So what is the model for this?  I have looked around and there are actually not a ton of “popular” sites with this sort of focus (or lack thereof).  Maybe that should be my first clue that I’m setting myself up for failure, but I choose to ignore it.  The few sites I read fairly regularly that cover a wider breadth of topics (i.e. not just movies or television or sports, etc.) are:

  • Videogum – More of a focus on “viral” type information, but the editorial style is great
  • Paste – The bulk of the site is more strictly new focused while the Blogs provide a little more editorial type content
  • Aint It Cool News – I did not initial see this as the same sort of site, I think for two reasons.  First, that they report on every little tidbit of information, which I find to be overkill and boring, and second that so much of the focus of the editorial writing is to review and/or rate, which I am also not that interested in doing.
  • The Onion – Parody fun

I want my site to be more on the irreverent side, à la Videogum, but with more of a news focus as opposed to fads and viral silliness.  Will my interests find similar minds and will my writing reel them in?


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