My Social Media Experiment – Part 1

Part of the reason for starting this blog is to investigate and understand the world of social media.  Posting my thoughts to a blog that nobody reads is not going to hold my interest for very long.  I know because this is the fourth blog I have started, none of the other three seeing more than half a dozen posts before being abandoned like a used plastic spork.

This time around I put more thought into the what, why and how before even getting started.  My basic goals when starting this blog almost two months were as follows:

  • Write about “random” things that I enjoy (see my About page for more specifics)
  • A place to post funny/crazy/cool pictures from life and from the Internet
  • Try to average 2 posts a day
  • Create a nice looking site
  • Don’t tell anybody I know about the site (at least at first) and see who comes across it
  • Find ways to promote the site and figure out what works
  • No “spamming” to try and generate false traffic.  Traffic should be by interested parties that hopefully want to return.
  • Don’t spend any money, but also don’t try to make any money.  Action will be my reward, or something.

As I stated above, it has been about two months since I started and here are some basic stats.

  • This will be my 99th post
  • I have received just over 1600 views and 30 legitimate comments
  • In the first week I received 22 views
  • Over the last two weeks I have averaged 36 views a day

I am not sure if these stats are good or not, but I feel pretty good about having made progress as I am seeing some traffic on days when I post little or no content, so people are starting to find the site.
Over the coming weeks I am going to post about my experiences so far as I think they are interesting to contemplate and may be interesting to others trying to accomplish some of the same goals.  This will also help me to formulate the next steps in trying to continue to gain readership.

As always, I will love any and all feedback like they are my own children.  Seriously, please leave comments and suggestions if you have them.


About OneGoodMinute
Blogging about the fun and interesting things in life. Nerd stuff - movies, music, comedy, podcasts Social Media - Documenting my way through social media, blogging and online promotion. Learn from my experiences, mistakes and successes.

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