Avengers Casting (from the 1980’s)

Here’s a fun little time waster of an exercise.  I came across this listing of top 10 movie actors of the 1980’s.  I’m not quite sure what the criteria but the site states “Ratings and rankings are based on all available critic reviews & awards”.  Good enough for this exercise.

So, what if the Avengers was made in the 1980’s, but rather than choose the supposedly best actors for each part we are forced into  using these top actors of the decade?  Here are your Avengers:

Iron Man – Robert De Niro

Perhaps not as happy-go-lucky as Tony Stark tends to be, but could definitely run with the alcoholism arc

Captain America – Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is a hero, through and through

The Hulk – Kathleen Turner

I guess we could go She-Hulk

Thor – Shelley Duvall

I think Shelley would be better for Loki, but the list is the list

Nick Fury – Eddie Murphy

What if....instead of being a hard-ass Fury was a wise-ass?

Black Widow – Barbara Hershey

Not that I would choose to replace Scarlett Johnasson in anything, but this would be great casting

Hawkeye – Geena Davis

She can kick butt and crack jokes

Agent – Mia Farrow

Fury's sidekick is really just a part of this incarnation of the Avengers but has been a woman in other stories

Wasp – Kim Greist

Gotta be cute and spunky

Giant Man – Woody Allen

Hank Pym / Woody Allen - works for me, but definitely need a voice over when in Giant mode

* For the sake of completeness to the list I have included originals Wasp and Giant Man who have not been identified (yet?) as part of the upcoming movie.

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