Active Writer’s Block

In order to battle my current bout of writer’s block I am going to list out the what I see as the problems.  Then I will go back and propose possible solutions to myself.  So to you this list will look complete from the start, but trust me, this was an “exercise” for me.

Boss – Apparently when I am at work I’m supposed to focus on my “real job”

Children – “Watching daddy type” is not what pre-school kids are into these days

House – My lawnmower is too big (or my lawn too small) to be able to write and mow at the same time

BBQ – Gotta eat, gotta drink and in the summer it must be to excess!

Sleep – Very necessary, for sure, but how to remain productive?  Where are these guys when you need them?

Hours – Only 24?  In a day?  Really?

Age of Booty – This game is too addictive.  I need my mom to call me and tell me to go to bed.

Driving – So many laws regarding what you can and cannot do while driving!

In the end, I guess I’m lucky that at least nothing is blocking my brain.


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