Dollhouse 1×04 – “Grey Hour”

Blue Sky.  This term is used in the episode to tie together the fact that the same imprint is put into two different dolls.  It is unnecessary, annoying and reflects the things I did not like about this episode.

A heist episode with a twist (with Dollhouse there is always a twist), but all of the elements of the heist tale were just too rote and lazy.  The way they get in and out just seems all too simplistic given the supposed complexity of the task.  I get that they need to save the time for the more Dollhouse related activities, but it still takes away from the impact of the episode.

The big moment of revealing the second doll with the same imprint was another example of the show struggling with the world that they have created.  While the premise of imprinting the dolls is interesting, it is so integral to the Dollverse that the act is not really interesting in itself.  So trying to turn an imprint into a moment of flashy excitement (Blue Sky – what is that even supposed to mean) feels cheap and amateurish.

It is not all 80’s action drama, though.  The elements that move the season arc forward are great.  Alpha is alive and more powerful than they imagined.  But more important than what he is doing is why, which is really being built into a great mystery.

I also love what an a-hole Agent Ballard is.  They may be playing him, but they don’t have him completely pegged.

All in all, not a great episode, but the characters are really starting to develop and the mysteries seem to be as intricate as I had hoped.


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