Oh no, Engadget, not you too!!

I recall seeing an article in an “entertainment” (gossip/rag) magazine to the effect of “celebrities are just like us and do the things we do”.  It was a series of photos of celebrities walking their dogs, eating ice cream, breathing air and other such lame excuses for invading their privacy.  Oh well, I thought, what can you expect from these trashy magazines.  Somebody has to scrape the bottom of the barrel and produce mindless drivel for those that like their journalism on par with baby diaper commercials.

Today the following website blurb broke my heart:

Celebrity Nerds confirms what you always knew, deep in your heart of hearts: that stars are nerds like us.

No, Engadget, no. You don’t need this.  You are better than this.  This does not aid you in your mission to overload the Internet with every minute gadgety detail and thought possible.  You do not need to celebritize your nerd news.  Nobody wants that.  Who cares what Justin Long has on his iPhone or what brand of phone JT prefers.  Stars are not like us because they can afford to buy everything that Engadget writes an article on, play with it for 2 days and throw it away.

Just stop now, before you regret it.  We will all pretend you were drunk and did it on a dare.

Now I am going to tag this post with a few celebrity names and hope it drives up traffic.


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