Review: Me as a Music Reviewer

Music is all about an emotional reaction.  There are many talented people in the world who can move past the emotional reaction and analyze music objectively.  That’s not me.

I tried to test myself by reviewing the new Big Boi album.  I like hip hop to some degree but the album did nothing for me.  Yet all the “real” critics are saying what a great album it is.  How I Got Over by The Roots, on the other hand, is an album that I quite like.  Also getting great reviews all around.  So how do I get past my personal feelings to write a proper review?

Answer: I don’t.

Nobody really cares what I have to say about an album that I can’t connect to, so why bother.  When I connect to an album (which can happen whether or not I like it, but the way) then there are generally a few comments I can add to the cloud of opinion that I feel have relevance, so I will save my time and effort for those situations.

Does this make me a bad reviewer?  No, it just means I’m not likely to get paid for reviews, but I can live with that, because if I have to write 500 words on Big Boi it is going to make me cry.  And I don’t want to get paid to cry.

So in conclusion, this is a funny picture.


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