Which Avenger Will Die?

I was having a conversation in my head about this article, arguing whether or not I thought China Miéville was a pompous wind-bag with regards to his JJ Abrahms comments.  I started thinking about my own history with Star Trek.  I have watched most of the movies and watched a fair bit of TNG and Voyageur, but I never have considered myself a fan.  Let’s explore that for a moment.

My biggest issue with Star Trek was the lack of stress.  Star Trek has always been great at cranking it up to eleven and creating huge dramas, but you always knew it would all turn out and everyone would be fine.  I just couldn’t fool myself episode after episode, movie after movie.

I’m not saying the JJ reboot was any different in that regard, but I really enjoyed the movie because they crossed the line more into Star Wars territory (original 3, thank you) and just made it a big fun spectacle, whereas the universe traditionally tries to be less Michael Bay and more Isaac Asimov.  So I’m thinking China hated it for the same reasons that I loved it – because it was only slightly a Star Trek movie.

As with any discussion (internal or external) of space movies, this brought me to the eternal question of “why didn’t Serenity do better”?  Such a great movie, and with characters (real characters, not just red shirts) dying left and right I was truly on the edge of my seat.

So for those of you who do not see where this is going, Serenity is written and directed by Joss Whedon, who is now at the helm of the Avengers movie due in 2012, and here is why that is such a great thing.  Joss will kill anyone.  No, not literally.  But literaryily.  Ignore that word, it works in my head.  Joss has killed off many characters in his many shows, including the lead.  Yes, Buffy the Vampire slayer died twice in seven seasons.  So as much as I loved Iron Man and really liked The Incredible Hulk, they both suffered from Star Trek syndrome (as do the upcoming Captain America and Thor movies).

Yes, you can make a great movie without the threat of death.  This is not necessarily about the death.  What it is about is the unexpected, and with Joss we have introduced a brand new element.  Anyone could go.

We have already seen that Marvel is willing to reboot a movie series at the drop of a hat, so knocking off Iron Man or Captain America really does not close any doors for future movies.

Thor and Hulk are just too powerful.  It would be hard to recover from one of their deaths and bring things in the movie back to a grounded place for a satisfying conclusion.

Joss’s penchant for strong female characters would suggest that Black Widow is safe, and you really can’t touch Nick Fury (even in the form of The Hoff).

The obvious choice is Hawkeye.  He has always been one of my favourites, but is not on the mainstream radar.  His true origin is a story of redemption, which Joss would be able to play with like a symphony conductor.  So to build up and then knock off (which also happened in the comics) could work great in the movie and does not tarnish any of the heavy hitters.  But that’s too easy, so I’m voting for Cap.

So there you have it.  I have fully geeked out and I expect that I will continue to do so about this movie for the next 2 years.  It’s good to have a goal in life.  But I will endeavor to only keep watch over the high level details as the movie takes shape and avoid spoilers.  I want to be innocent when I embark upon Joss’s wild ride.


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