Drunk Writing Ideas

Inspiration and new ideas come in so many unexpected ways but it is always amusing to reflect on where your mind takes you when alcohol is involved.

The other day I was doing a bunch of yard work in the evening and having a few beers as I worked and at the end of it I was a little buzzed.  The kids were in bed and my wife was on the phone so I had a little quiet time to let my mind wander.  As I went about the process of getting cleaned up and ready for bed I had a number of sudden ideas for writing that I kept firing into my iPhone.

The next morning I reviewed my “notes”:

  • A scene for my book – fairly workable
  • A second scene for my book – in no way related to anything going on in the book
  • An idea for a funny blog post – looks to be a lot of work and the hilarious jokes that I wrote last night no longer seem funny
  • An idea for a movie script – at the time it seemed like a sure fire hit comedy that would definitely bring comedic powerhouses Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell together, now, well it actually still seems like a decent idea but I don’t see that I have the comedic chops to flush out the premise into an actual script

For me the trick is to just jot the idea down and leave it alone for a little while.  In the past I would try to sit down and hammer out such ideas immediately, but I never find that to be successful (especially if I’m drunk).


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