Altec Lansing orbit MP3 is Great

I bought this

I really like it, having used it in a number of different places with my iPhone.  It has good sound volume and quality for the size.  I haven’t worn out the 3 AAA batteries it takes yet.  It’s great for around the house when my stereo is not near and perfect for camping (especially with the case).

I have no technical insights to provide but the website will give you all that junk.


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2 Responses to Altec Lansing orbit MP3 is Great

  1. TheTim says:

    My friend has that one (or very similar; also an Antec).

    He’s used it camping and a whole range of places.

  2. I just got back from my first camping trip with it and it was great. It was nice to have music around the camp site and know that you are not bothering anyone around you.

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