Review: Superchunk – Majesty Shredding*

I finished my HAIL** just a day before the September 14th release date of Superchunk’s Majesty Shredding. My wife was not happy with the amount of money I spent on this purpose built room full of the most advanced audio entertainment equipment (thanks N.A.S.A.!!) and the chair from the set of Dollhouse, but we always taught our children to share and now they can share a kidney.

I spent the night determining the proper settings and chair placement. Turns out the optimal playlist for setup is as follows (I’ll post the plans later, for those that want to follow suit):

  1. Throwing Things (acoustic)
  2. Hyper Enough
  3. Marquee
  4. Does Your Hometown Care
  5. Girl U Want
  6. Drool Collection
  7. Here’s Where the Strings Come In

Note: The order of this playlist is of critical importance!

I was a little tired the morning of September 14th, but I was first in line at the mailbox at 6am, waiting on my delivery from Merge Records. Turns out that when they say pre-orders will be shipped to arrive around the release date, “around” does not necessarily mean “the day of”. Especially in Canada. Needless to say I was very hungry on the 16th when the CD arrived (and the mail man seemed concerned for his own safety) but I rushed to the HAIL and settled in.

I must preface the next part of the review with ***spoiler alert*** as I go into extreme detail about the album.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!

***end spoiler***

So in conclusion, Majesty Shredding is album of the year, decade, century and everything.

The only issue I’m having at this point is that the modifications I made to the player in my HAIL has jacked the laser in the CD player up too high. I can only listen to a CD once as the laser turns the CD to dust. As I work out the kinks I have placed an order for 600 copies of Majesty Shredding.

Happy Listening

* Posted from the future
**Holistic Audio Ingestion Lair

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