New Michael Jackson Albums = BAD

In principal, this sounds great.

the late singer’s manager told Rolling Stone there are “more than 100 completed and unreleased songs” in existence

But this article at Pitchfork highlights what is wrong with the mainstream music industry.

I believe that artists should get paid for their work.  Art is to be treasured and the artists should be taken care of.  But what do you do when one of the most popular artists ever is dead, there exists hours of unreleased material and there is a globe full of fans who would love to have a chance to experience more art from someone that has brought them much happiness over the years?

Of course the answer is to make sure that a giant corporation does not suffer by missing out on the possibility of makingas much money as possible.

“Please help me, my children need BMWs.” — Sony Corporation

OR, you could make the music available in a “pay what you want” model (a la Girl Talk and others) and then donate all proceeds to charitable organizations around the world.  Everybody wins (except maybe the people who are already rich and thus have already won).

But don’t listen to me because either way I’m not buying a new Michael Jackson album.


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