People are funny and talented

Bonus episode of Never Not Funny this morning.  Jimmy Pardo hosting the You Fascinate Me show at the UCB Theatre earlier in the year with guests  Pat Francis and Danielle Koenig (who are both tied to NNF in many other ways).

The show, as expected, is very funny and entertaining and it just makes me realize how many funny and talented people are out there that the general public never really knows about.  Who the heck are Pat Francis and Danielle Koenig and how could they possibly be funny?  Toss this aside and get me an Adam Sandler movie.

Forget about the Dane Cook’s and Jay Leno’s of the world.  There are many faces of comedy but there are so many more people pushing comedy forward in so many ways that don’t get the fame and recognition they deserve.

So today I say thank you to Pat Francis and Danielle Koenig, whoever the heck you are.


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