Stop Exploiting Spider-man

He is arguably the most recognized superhero of all time (top 3 for sure).  He helped popularize superhero movies and prove their blockbuster potential.  He continues to dominate the comic book industry.  He never stops working, and he does it all for us.  Take away the popularity, the fame, the millions of dollars, the place in pop-culture history and you can plainly see that action is his only reward.  Let’s give him another reward.  Let’s think of something truly fitting.  No, no, he already has a lunch box.

C’mon people – this is not how you honour Spider-man.  A broadway show?  A musical?  U2?  No no no no no no no.  Wrong.  Bad!  Don’t make me have to rub your nose in it yelling “look what you did!”.  Just stop now an we’ll pretend like you never started.


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