The Rural Alberta Advantage

I came across the band The Rural Alberta Advantage last year thanks to Exclaim magazine.  After listening/watching a few things online I immediately bought their album, Hometowns.  I have not listened to an album so dripping with passion and emotion in ages and the energy of their live performance (as seen online, at least) is incomparable.  These guys (and girl) bring it.

The first thing that jumped out at me was the drums. Paul Banwatt plays at such a frenetic pace that I’m sure he falls asleep still drumming.  When I think really think about it, well, it shouldn’t work.  I’m sure he’s overplaying, adding rolls and off-beats and crashes way too often, like every drummer in high school tries to do (I know I did).  But he makes it work.  He makes it fit.  The songs are so percussion driven, it brings tears to my eyes (of joy).

Add to that the folksy (but still rockin’), comforting and yet intense acoustic guitar, with Nils Edenloff wailing melodically along in unison.  It is hard to separate guitar and vocals in my mind.  Once again I image an intense, perhaps biological, relationship between man and guitar as though it is an appendage Nils was born with.

And then there is Amy Cole, doing absolutely everything else necessary to bring it all together.  Tirelessly jumping between adding additional percussion, backing up the vocals and smoothing out the chaos with her keyboards.

Surprisingly there are a lot of quieter moments on this album as well, and they are just as strong.  This is a group that knows how to craft songs in many different ways and already has such a strong, unique voice.  Hometowns is a wonderful moment of musical achievement that deserves a lot of notice.  I’m very excited to hear what the RAA come up with next (and would LOVE to see them live) but in the mean time I still can’t stop listening to the album.


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