Dollhouse 1×02 – “The Target”

Just as I expected….things are more complicated than they seem.  And more well written than I could hope for.  Given the challenge with getting to know the actives (as I raised concern with last episode) this episode focuses in on getting to know the other characters.  We learn mainly about Echo’s handler, but see glimpses into most of the other mains.  We start to peel the onion on the Alpha mystery as well.

Adelle Dewitt intrigues me the most.  Obviously a powerful woman in a powerful position, but definitely not a cookie-cutter character.  Last episode we saw her make a decision that seemed to go against the business goals, but then saw the result benefit both morally and financially.  This time around we see her dealing with many different situations, from clients to employees, and each one she handles with control and intelligence.  This woman knows what’s what.

In answer to my previous concerns about the quality of the engagements each episode given a lack of attachment to the character, this week’s engagement was great.  I know nothing, I admit it.  An extreme outdoor adventure weekend turns into a manhunt, with Echo as the prey and without any action hero in her imprint.  We also start to see cracks in the facade of the perfect imprint as events chip away at the barriers in Echo’s brain.

All in all, a very entertaining episode.


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