Review: Sleigh Bells – Treats

In the movie Sliding Doors the character played by Gwyneth Paltrow is running to catch a train.  The screen splits; on one screen she makes the train and on the other the sliding doors of the train close just before she gets there.  The rest of the movie shows her two different paths through life.

Now image if, instead of Gwyneth, it was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs circa Fever to Tell running towards the train of inspiration (ug).  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs made that train and got off at the It’s Blitz station.  But oh no, they left the fuzz and crunch and noise of Man and Cold Light on the train!  Oh well, they still have enough elements to make slick, polished, amazing music.

Oh, but look at the other side of the split screen.  They missed the train, and they’re pissed.  They are throwing their influences on the ground and stomping all over them.  The rock and punk and dance elements are getting irreversibly mashed together.  How will this version of history play out?

On Treats, the Sleigh Bells evoke the intensity of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs early works, but take the “art noise” to a new level.  They combine the layers of their sound as though they have been compelled by an outside, incomprehensible force.  Every drum is undercut with electronic distortion.  Every strum is slightly skewed.  Every beat is surrounded in fuzz.  The vocals surf along the top of this wave of sound and I can’t tell if they are riding the wave or trying to contain it.

The sonic assault of Sleigh Bells is exhilarating.  The fuzzy, poppy joy of songs like Crown on the Ground, Kids and Tell ‘Em make you want to tap your feet and bang your head at the same time.  Rill Rill stands out as the album’s “slow jam”, driven by guitar and piano but still making you want to get up and dance.  It’s The Go! Team meets Daisy Chainsaw.  It’s Ministry high on Frankenberry.  It’s Bring it On staring Christina Ricci and Fairuza Balk.  It’s Nine Inch Nails collaborating with The Powerpuff Girls.

It’s nothing like Gwyneth Paltrow.


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One Response to Review: Sleigh Bells – Treats

  1. Ming Wu says:

    Great review! is my review of the album. (Very short too)

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