Review: Alkaline Trio – This Addiction

Oh whatever happened to the band that wrote Cop, Fuck you Aurora, Maybe I’ll Catch Fire and You’ve Got So Far to Go?  It feels like they just keep writing the same songs over and over again and they just keep getting watered down.  The songs on This Addiction are decent.  If you like Alkaline Trio, there is no reason not to like these songs.  They just don’t stand out.  I feel like I have grown and the band has not.  There’s nothing wrong with that, I guess.  It just saddens me that I don’t look forward to a new Alkaline Trio album any more.

For the record, I also love Good Fucking Bye.  “So you broke down trying to leave town, I broke down crying on your return”.  Brilliant!


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One Response to Review: Alkaline Trio – This Addiction

  1. Uncle Critic says:

    This is pretty close to how I feel about this album. They were a much better band. :-/

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