In a word….”ug”

So much shiny metal.  I’m assuming this is armour, but it is giving me flashbacks of the ridiculousness that was The Green Goblin in the Spider-man movie.

And this picture makes me think of Bat-Nipples:

Ok ok, I know – comic books are silly, fantastical and for children (thanks, wife).  But if you are going to buy into it then the costume is the jumping off point.  A bad costume can sink the air-ship.  The above Batman ridiculousness is actually not the best example because the whole movie was made to be campy, silly and stupid (it was a horrible movie on purpose, wasn’t it?).

Remember Daredevil?  The movie did try to get into some darker, more meaningful territory but it was greatly hindered by the costumes that looked like they were designed by a bunch of drunk bikers.

So bringing it back around to Thor, the shots seen so far look kind of silly and I can’t imagine that a movie about Norse gods directed by Shakespeare-dude is going for silly.  So hopefully there are some more realistic costumes throughout the bulk of the movie and we are just seeing the shiny, flashing promo-pics that are really the “lets suit up for battle” scenes.  Otherwise I think the next stop will be Transformers 4: Battle for Self Respect instead of The Avengers.

Oh yeah, and there’s a good article over at SuperHeroHype with the pic and some info about 3D for Thor and Captain America.


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